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May 5, 2010

Energy Efficiency in Business: Pew Center Report Reveals Sustainability Strategies of Six Leading Companies

PEW Center Report: Energy Efficiency in Business

While policy-makers and thought leaders advocate for efficient buildings as the first step toward a low-carbon economy, private industry is approaching the subject head on. A recent report by the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, “From Shop Floor to Top Floor: Best Business Practices in Energy Efficiency,” addresses the efforts of leading companies to manage energy and increase efficiency across global portfolios of buildings.

The project, led by efficiency veteran Bill Prindle of ICF International, includes a survey of roughly 100 large companies about energy and environmental priorities. In addition, the report includes detailed case studies on the sustainability strategies of six leading corporations:

  • Dow Chemical

  • United Technologies

  • IBM

  • Toyota

  • PepsiCo

  • Best Buy

Each company faces a unique set of constraints and drivers that lead to customized approaches to corporate sustainability. For example, Dow Chemical spends roughly half of its top-line revenue on energy bills, making energy efficiency central to its competitiveness. IBM and United Technologies have much smaller relative energy budgets, but see energy efficient products and services as central to their business growth. Other companies are motivated by public image and see sustainable operations as crucial to how they are perceived in the marketplace.

Even with the differences between them, the companies leading the way have much in common. The six companies profiled by the Pew Center share a “recognition that the energy paradigm has changed.” Energy efficiency is more than a silo within their organizations, handled by facility managers in boiler rooms. Instead, it is an integral part of doing business – backed at the executive level, included in the responsibilities of all employees, and supported by a rigorous quantitative framework of assessment, goals, and verification.

The full report can be downloaded here

Additional information on the report is available from the Pew Center.