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October 29, 2010

Virtuous Circle: Frequent Monitoring Correlates With Stronger Energy Management

Monitoring correlates with stronger energy management

How much difference does energy management make toward an organization’s energy efficiency actions? Apparently a great deal, according to a survey of 3,000 facilities decision makers conducted by the Institute for Building Efficiency.

The 2010 Energy Efficiency Indicator survey found that organizations that monitored energy usage at least weekly using on-site measurement systems made about twice as many energy improvements as those that monitored monthly or less often, relying mostly on utility bills. Those that monitored frequently also planned to invest about twice as much in energy efficiency, and expected about twice as much in energy savings.

Furthermore, by a similar margin, organizations with public carbon goals had done more projects, allocated more budget to efficiency, and expected more energy savings than those without carbon goals. The correlations were the strongest in the United States and Western Europe. You can read or download the complete survey report in the Resources section above.


October 2010


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