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November 29, 2011

2011 EEI: International Facility Management Association Partner Results

The 2011 Energy Efficiency Indicator Survey drew responses from 632 members of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). In general, energy was strongly on the minds of IFMA members:

  • 66% rated energy as extremely or very important, and 60% were paying more attention to energy than one year ago

  • 36% of organizations had at least one green certified building, and for the first time more were pursuing green certification for existing than new buildings.

  • 45% had goals to reduce energy use

An analysis of IFMA responses showed a few differences from the global results covering 3,886 building decision-makers. The groups agreed that cost savings was the top driver of energy efficiency, but IFMA members were slightly more driven by enhancing public image than by rebates and incentives – the opposite of the global result.


IFMA members said the top barriers to capturing more energy savings were lack of internal capital to fund projects and inability to identify projects with sufficient ROI. More global respondents cited uncertainty of payback or lack of technical expertise. IFMA members were also less likely to have used or considered models like on-bill financing, power purchase agreements, shared savings agreements or property assessed clean energy financing to pay for energy improvements.


When compared with the global respondents, the IFMA group included more facility managers and vice presidents of facilities and fewer C-level executives and owners. IFMA members also tended to represent larger organizations with larger facilities and to manage multiple facilities with state, regional or national focus.


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