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October 29, 2011

Building IT: The Intelligent Energy Management Triangle

Information technology adds intelligence to buildings from design to the end of the building’s life. Today’s technologies automate the collection, storage and retrieval of data from across multiple buildings and building sub-systems – and make that data available to decision makers from the C-level, to facility managers, to occupants. Three key IT functions form the Intelligent Energy Management Triangle:

  • Energy information. Dashboards display data such load profile analysis, energy usage benchmarking, utility rate benchmarking, and energy budget tracking.

  • Fault detection and diagnostics. FDD saves energy by quickly identifying inefficiencies and operational problems, helping managers achieve and sustain high performance.

  • Measurement and verification of savings. Verified savings from energy-efficiency projects helps validate project investments and in some contract structures may determine the payment to the energy service provider that did the work.

Intelligent decision-making enabled through building performance information is the major value-add of new building IT.


October 2011

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