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September 29, 2013

Can All Existing Buildings Reach Zero Emissions? Australian Plan Lays Out The Vision

A bold plan released on August 8th tells how Australia can upgrade all its existing buildings – including homes – to achieve zero carbon emissions in 10 years, and at only a modest cost difference from business as usual over 30 years.


The Zero Carbon Australia Building Plan would achieve its goals through investment in more energy efficient heating, cooling and lighting technologies and renewable energy.

Prepared by the not-for-profit Beyond Zero Emissions research and education organization, the plan notes that enough roof space exists on residential buildings to install 31 GW of solar photovoltaics, allowing the average home to generate more electricity than it uses over a year.


Based on research, modeling, and analysis, the plan selects proven, commercially available building and appliance technologies to save energy. It envisions:

  • Improving buildings through insulation retrofit, draft proofing, efficient window glazing, shading, cool roof paint and new chilled-water cooling systems

  • Going gas-free by using electric heat pumps for space heating.

  • Using heat pump hot water systems.

  • Cooking with induction cooktops.

  • Upgrading to LED lighting.

  • Raising the bar on appliance energy performance standards.

The plan would also create tens of thousands of jobs.


Read the Zero Carbon Australia Building Plan >>

September 2013


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