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June 29, 2011

Demand Response Programs Across the U.S.

Utilities and grid operators in the U.S. are turning to demand response as a means of increasing reliability and reducing costs. The load reductions are coming from a variety of facilities, from single compressors cycling off in a residential air conditioner to the shutdown of entire manufacturing plants. As demand response continues to gain momentum in the evolving smart grid, commercial building owners and operators are looking for ways to monetize their “negawatt” contributions.

Demand response programs come in various shapes and sizes. For the roughly two-thirds of the electric customers in the U.S. served by an independent system operator or regional transmission operator, demand response can involve the sale of standby capacity in a wholesale market.1 In addition to the wholesale programs, load-serving utilities also offer demand response programs in almost every state.

The Institute for Building Efficiency has compiled information on existing demand response programs and created an interactive map to help you find an opportunity in your area.


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June 2011


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