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April 29, 2013

Energy Performance Guide For Tenants And Building Owners

The Natural Resources Defense Council’s Center for Market Innovation (CMI) now offers a guide for tenants and building owners that describes how to develop, quantify, implement, and measure energy performance solutions in a commercial office space.


Tenant spaces account for more than half of a commercial office building’s total energy use. There is great opportunity for energy efficiency projects in tenant spaces that deliver cost savings and other benefits to tenants and building owners alike. Projections from CMI’s first set of tenant projects show that a package of energy performance measures can provide 30 to 50 percent energy savings compared with a standard, code-compliant space.


The Energy Performance Optimization Guide has three modules: Project Initiation, Value Analysis, and Implementation/Measurement and Verification. It is designed to work with a set of supporting tools to help map out an energy performance analysis that integrates with each phase of the tenant’s process – site selection, design, construction, and occupancy. The guide serves as an in-depth resource, giving tenants and their design teams specific instructions and tools for incorporating energy performance measures into standard build-out design and construction practice and quantifying the results.


By understanding the process, tenant project teams (architects, engineers, contractors, and project managers) can better define the cost-effectiveness of energy performance options at the right time during the design process and so help tenants make sound decisions.


The guide aims to help build the market expertise needed to meet the demand for high-energy-performance tenant spaces, and to encourage a financing market to support high-performance projects.

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April 2013


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