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October 29, 2014

Intelligent Efficiency: A game-changer in building energy savings?

Intelligent EfficiencyExperts attending an Institute for Building Efficiency roundtable agreed that it is time for more holistic approaches to building energy savings using available technologies to support the optimization of building performance. Intelligent efficiency looks beyond specific components – it enables a step-change in efficiency by using information and communications technologies to optimize performance building- and campus-wide.

In the IBE Roundtable on June 12, 2014, business and non-government organization experts discussed benefits of intelligent efficiency that include:

  • Optimizing efficiency in building systems

  • Providing data to help occupants visualize energy usage and adopt more efficient behaviors

  • Responding sooner and automatically to occupants’ comfort needs

  • Enabling better use of demand response programs and time-of-use power pricing

  • Reducing maintenance costs and equipment failures by identifying problems early

Participants explored ways to break down societal, financial and structural barriers to intelligent efficiency. They also identified intelligent technologies they expect to see developed and deployed increasingly in the years ahead.

Four participants shared case studies of intelligent efficiency technologies in action.


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