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September 29, 2013

Laboratories and Clean Rooms: An Energy Saving Opportunity

Technology for energy efficiency in critical environmentsLaboratories and clean rooms at universities, research labs and pharmaceutical companies waste significant energy, largely because they often ventilate at rates far greater than needed to protect the people and processes inside. Several strategies can be applied to save energy while maintaining safety and process integrity. They include:

  • Optimizing air exchange

  • Updating HVAC systems to meet changing facility needs

  • Switching from constant-volume to more responsive variable air volume systems

  • Automating control of fume hoods.

  • Periodically calibrating and rebalancing HVAC equipment.

In addition, continuous communication among energy managers, industrial hygiene experts and laboratory or clean room operators provides the opportunity to create dynamic energy-saving strategies that reduce the operating costs of critical environments.


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September 2013


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