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October 29, 2012

Making Energy Efficiency A Component Of Property Value

Many people stay in their homes for five years or less – not enough time to benefit from energy upgrades. In this video, Cynthia Adams, executive director of the Local Energy Alliance Program – Virginia, explores how to make sure energy efficiency adds value to properties when they are sold. The key is to provide data in forms real estate agents, appraisers, bankers and prospective buyers can use.


Different stakeholders have different needs. For example, appraisers want searchable data fields to help them identify efficiency values. Buyers want less technical information, such as an ENERGY STAR rating or other score. Real estate agents want credible, third-party information for which they can’t be held liable. Above all else, any data on energy efficiency values must be accurate and reliable.

Interview with Cynthia Adams

Cynthia Adams

Executive Director

Local Energy Alliance Program – Virginia

October 2012



Valuing Energy Efficiency in the Real Estate Community, Local Energy Alliance Program – VA


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