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November 29, 2011

Measurement and Verification: How Technology Can Change the Game

Current approaches to measurement and verification (M&V) of energy savings have served the building efficiency industry well, but changes driven by technology are creating a need for new and updated M&V education materials, standards and certification programs.

Just as technology has changed industries like finance, automotive and healthcare, it can help improve accuracy and confidence in M&V while driving down its cost. For example:

  • Low-cost meters, advanced building sensors, and greater connectivity between building and business systems will create an explosion of data for use by building information systems.
  • M&V applications using advanced statistical-based analytics will dramatically lower M&V costs, while increasing both accuracy and functionality.
  • Integration of M&V with performance monitoring, fault detection and diagnostics, and energy information will leverage the technology investments and increase the value derived from the data.

Technology can make M&V plans simple, consistent and transparent, helping to quickly build and maintain high levels of trust between all parties involved with energy efficiency projects.
Read the Issue Brief: Measurement and Verificationof Energy Savings

November 2011


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