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October 29, 2013

New Fact Sheets Feature Asia’s Green Building Rating Systems

Green Building Rating System Fact Sheets for AsiaInterest in green buildings – and green building rating tools – is a worldwide trend. From Australia’s GreenStar green building rating tool to Japan’s CASBEE rating system, building developers, designers, owners and operators are developing and managing a new class of efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. Individuals and organizations are using the latest research, expertise, and green building design guides to build and operate buildings that use less water, require less energy, and often reference cultural practices as well.


To help navigate the sometimes confusing world of international green building standards, the Institute for Building Efficiency is preparing a series of green building rating system fact sheets for the Asia-Pacific region. Each fact sheet has a short description of the organization(s) that developed each country’s systems and the history behind the major national and international green building rating systems. The fact sheets also include a chart to help select the best rating system for you or your organizations’ green building project.


Each green building fact sheet was developed by performing a meta-analysis of publicly available information. Each has been reviewed for accuracy by a representative of one of the respective green building rating system organizations. Across the Asia-Pacific region, a number of key building asset and operation metrics were identified to aid in the selection of a green building rating system including:

  • Building Management

  • Energy Use

  • Emissions

  • Building Site Selection & Conservation

  • Water Use & Conservation

  • Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Social-Cultural Aspects of the Project

  • Material & Resource Use

  • Innovation

The fact-sheets provided here detail rating systems for new construction and existing buildings and offer insight into the considerations for each green building rating system analyzed.

October 2013



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