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November 29, 2013

Roundtable: How building efficiency can help move Europe’s economy

Amid debate about European Union climate and energy targets to 2030, an Institute for Building Efficiency Roundtable explored how investments in building energy efficiency could support a sustainable economic recovery.

Attendees agreed that energy renovations would be a core driver of energy security. They cited research showing that doubling the rate of building renovations could create some 2 million local jobs in EU Member States and 2.1 trillion euros in impact to the construction industry, plus up to 200 billion euros per year in benefits from improved occupant health and productivity.

The group of building experts and policymakers debated how to overcome barriers to efficiency investments, such as negative effects from government fiscal constraints, lack of capital, and difficulty documenting efficiency’s benefits.

A key conclusion was that voluntary measures are not enough: initiatives that are not mandatory do not receive the needed attention from policymakers. The participants agreed that policy support is required to overcome hurdles and unlock the building efficiency’s full economic potential. They advocated ambitious, realistic, cost-efficient and legally binding building efficiency targets based on high-quality research, modelling and data.


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