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August 29, 2012

Solar Thermal Energy: The Time Has Come

The technical potential for solar water heating in the United States is about one quadrillion Btu of energy savings per year, worth $8 billion of energy costs and 50 million to 75 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, some 67 percent of the nation’s commercial buildings have rooftops available for solar water heating, says the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

These figures show the vast possibilities for solar thermal energy to displace fossil fuels, counteract climate change, and save building and business owners money, according to a Johnson Controls white paper, “Solar Thermal Energy: The Time Has Come.”

While solar photovoltaic energy tends to dominate the news, solar thermal remains the most cost-effective source of on-site renewable energy – it typically costs less to install and pays back faster. Solar thermal energy also creates economic development and local jobs in manufacturing, installation, operations and maintenance.

A growing number of states now allow solar thermal projects to qualify for utility incentives or for renewable energy credits (RECs) under RPS programs. The time is right to explore this cost-effective and sustainable energy technology.

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August 2012


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