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January 29, 2014

Sustainability projects: Communicating impacts to the triple bottom line

When investing in sustainability projects, investors need to understand the dollar value behind the project. At the same time, organizations undertaking such projects are looking to create environmental and social benefits, in addition to financial impacts. Creating or communicating a business case, for the projects is often a challenge, as many architects, designers and other industry professionals are not trained to use the language to which investors can relate. At the 2013 Greenbuild conference, Lidia Berger, National Sustainability Director at Dewberry and LEED Fellow, described this challenge and the increasing trend of monetizing impacts to the triple bottom line of sustainability.  Monetizing environmental impacts such as GHG emissions reductions, and social impacts such as clean water or air, is increasingly important to organizations and their stakeholders. Berger observed that there are new tools and processes to help investors, designers, engineers, and architects communicate and monetize the benefits and impacts of sustainability.

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January 2014