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October 5, 2013

Techno-commissioning: Leveraging Today’s Technology for Improved Management

Today, facility managers often operate buildings by responding to alarms and occupant complaints. Tomorrow (and increasingly today) they will manage continuously, improving occupant comfort and energy management strategically through automated, connected technologies.


It’s called techno-commissioning – using fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) to identify issues, then fixing them before energy is wasted, occupants complain, or equipment fails. FDD has advantages over planned maintenance and even over traditional retro-commissioning. For example:

  • FDD enables many retro-commissioning measures to be done on an ongoing basis, ensuring that a building meets facility requirements continuously.

  • FDD can increase the persistency of these building performance improvement measures.

  • FDD requires less time from highly trained building engineers to implement, making it quicker and more cost-effective.

  • FDD can be used to help identify the cost-optimal timing for retrofit measures and facility upgrades.

The benefits will only increase as the cost of FDD technology falls and as buildings become more digitized with open protocol communications.

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October 2013

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