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March 29, 2014

The Value of Deep Retrofits: How to Make the Case

Value of Deep RetrofitsDeep building retrofits are attractive investments, yet they are often not completed because the full value of the retrofit isn’t taken into account. Such retrofits are typically evaluated based on energy savings alone, leaving the non-energy benefits out of the investment decision making process.

A new Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) report, “How to Calculate and Present Deep Retrofit Value,” provides guidance to building owners and occupants on how to calculate the energy and non-energy benefits of such retrofits and present them effectively to decision-makers. The guide describes RMI’s Deep Retrofit Value (DRV) Model, which breaks the non-energy aspects of value into nine discrete elements:

  • Retrofit development costs

  • Non-energy property operating costs

  • Retrofit risk mitigation

  • Health costs

  • Employee costs

  • Promotion and marketing costs

  • Customer access and sales

  • Property-derived revenues

  • Enterprise risk management and mitigation

The guide is intended to be updated over time with new and additional information based on user input.


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