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November 29, 2013

Workplace Sustainability: Getting employees engaged and on board

A workplace sustainability program will not get far without employees squarely on board. A look at research and the experiences of major companies reveals best practices for building an employee engagement program, putting it to work, and measuring success. An effective engagement program follows five basic steps:

  • Assess and prioritize engagement methods and employee actions, accounting for people’s diversity and your corporate culture.

  • Create an implementation roadmap based on input and priorities from your employees and key leaders.

  • Establish metrics and set goals.

  • Implement the program while providing employee feedback, offering rewards and recognition, and tracking progress.

  • Revise and revisit the program plan and goals; learn from successes and failures.

When planning an engagement program, the Johnson Controls Sustainability Engagement Navigator tool helps organizations identify the sustainability practices employees will most likely embrace.  The tool allows for collaboration and recognizes the different cultures that organizations bring to the table, which may lead to a unique roadmap for success.

Don’t miss the case studies of major organizations and the best practices that led to the successful implementation of workplace sustainability programs within those organizations.

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November 2013


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